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A Lover's Guide to 50 Shades - 2-Disc Set

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A Lover's Guide to 50 Shades - 2-Disc Set
A Lover's Guide to 50 Shades

Our original and sexy educational film series is designed to guide you and your partner on a mutually intensely satisfying sexual adventure.
We will demonstrate to you the necessary elements in order to have sexual encounters similar to those found in today`s most popular romance novels.
The intensity and the daringness of these marvelous encounters will increase as you go further on your journey.
In this volume you will learn how to:
1. Sensually bathe and blind fold your lover
2. Use ben-wa balls and ice cubes to heighten senses
3. Use a riding crop and flogger to evoke pleasure from pain
4. Restrain your lover with a tie and shackles
5. What safe words are and how to maximize the boundaries of erotic play

Sex Ed Films - 2-Disc Set

DVD-Film A Lover's Guide to 50 Shades - 2-Disc Set
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