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Adorable Lola (uncut)

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Adorable Lola (uncut)
Adorable Lola
Frankreich 1980, Hardcore

Although this one was made in 1980, and it was made in France it is more typical of roughie than most productions.
Watch the education of Claire the ultra-hardcore way...

Claire becomes Lolita, a high-class callgirl - but on the way to her career she has to go through a lot of painful examinations.
Watch Marilyn Jess in one of her rare anal scenes...and this one is realy rough !
Unfortunately there does not exist an english audio track, therefore we can offer this one only in german and french audio.
Uncut and uncensored !

Gerard Kikoine
nicht bekannt
Gerard Kokioine
Marilyn Jess, Piotr Stanislas, Anfre Kay, Mika Barthel, Jacques Marbeuf, Elodie DElage, Olivier Mathot
FSK 18, ca.82 min. (ungekürzte Fassung)
Sprachen & Ton
Deutsch & Französisch
Laserline Productions Vol.14 (DVD-R)
Link IMDB: Journal intime d'une jeune fille en chaleur

DVD-Film Adorable Lola (uncut)
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