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Alice in Acidland (uncut) O-Ton

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Art.Nr.: 6181
Alice in Acidland (uncut) O-Ton
Alice in Acidland
USA 1968, Erotik / Trash

Cute and perky college student Alice and her cute and perky friend Kathy are invited to a "pool party" by Freida, a female teacher who is actually a lesbian and has designs on Alice.
At the party Alice gets drunk, takes acid and immediately becomes a lesbian, taking a bath with Freida.
Later Alice gets mixed up with LSD-addicted hippies, rape, more lesbians, more LSD, orgies, suicide, and having sex with guys who keep their boxer shorts on while doing it.

John Donne
Gertrude Steen
John Donne
Colleen Murphy, Buxx Banner, Patty Roberts
FSK 16, ca.54 min. (ungekürzte Fassung)
Sprachen & Ton
Englisch (mit holländischen Untertiteln)
Featurette, Galery of underground sexploitation magazine covers with audio oddities, Drug drenched trailershow, American Grindhouse Trailershow
Studio 2602 - The American Grindhouse
Link IMDB: Alice in Acidland

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DVD-Film Alice in Acidland (uncut) O-Ton
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