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ILSA - the Wicked Warden (uncut)

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ILSA - the Wicked Warden (uncut)
ILSA - the Wicked Warden
Deutschland, Schweiz, USA 1977, Erotik-Thriller

Dyanne Thorne is back as the sadistic ruler of a South American prison for deranged woman.
But when a young journalist goes undercover to find her missing sister, she learns that survival means submission to the pervers appetites of the guards, the convicts and the wicked warden herself.
Soon, this jungle hellhole is aflame with the passions of the depraved...and one final act of savage revenge!

Directed by the infamous Jess Franco, this legendary shocker was released in various censored version as Greta The Tortourer, Ilsa: Absolute Power and Wanda The Wicked Warden.
Now completely restored from original vault materials, ILSA THE WICKED WARDEN is presented completely uncut in al its notoriously sleazy glory!

Erwin C. Dietrich
Erwin C. Dietrich (alias Manfred Gregor) & Jess Franco
Jess Franco
Dyanne Thorne, Sandra L. Brennan, Tania Busselier, Eric Falk, Jess Franco, Peggy Markoff, Howard Maurer, Esther Moser, Angela Ritschard, Lina Romay, Esther Studer
FSK 18, ca. 88 min. (ungekürzte Fassung)
Sprachen & Ton
Englisch in Dolby Digital
Trailer, Talent Bios
Audio Commentary with Star Dyanne Thorne and Co-Star Howard Maurer
Moderated by Humorist Martin Lewis
Anchor Bay
Link IMDB: Greta - Haus ohne Männer

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DVD-Film ILSA - the Wicked Warden (uncut)
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