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Faces of Gore (uncut)

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Faces of Gore (uncut)
Faces of Gore
USA 1999, Mondo-Dokumentation

Dr. Vincent van Gore präsentiert diese Dokumentation über den realen Tod in drei Katogerie:
Autounfälle, Selbstmorde und Morde.
Nicht gestellte, echte Todesfälle, aufgezeichnet und mitgeschnitten von Polizei, Notärzten und Fersehteams.
Diese Todesfälle werden ausführlich dokumentiert und gezeigt...

Todd Tjersland the twisted auteur launched his video career with this shockumentary, which has spawned several sequels.
Freely acknowledging its debt tothe Faces of Death series, it presents only the most gruesome footage of crime scene carnage, suicides, and bloody car accidents, often including horrific close-ups.

Introducing Dr. Vincent Van Göre (from the "American Institute of Gorenology"), in a lab coat, and stiltingly hosts the clips from graveyard locations.
Van Göre is played by Steve Sheppard.

The first section presents footage from the aftermath of motorcycle, train, car and plane accidents.
The second shows victims of suicide by hanging, electrocution, immolation, drowning, and shotgun.
The third is dedicated to murder, mostly by handguns and connected to other crimes.
In the final section, the documentary footage is compared to göre in a recent "Hollywood production"

The footage presented unadorned would be shocking enough.
But Tjersland also saw fit to prod and annoy fans of this kind of film by adding condescending and insulting narration, designed to offend and shame everyone who views it at some point.

Surveying the scene of a collision between a passenger train and a jet airliner, Tjersland intones mockingly, "Only a small portion managed to escape alive, but these fortunate few were badly burned, and had to live out the rest of their lives äs deformed freaks who no one would love."
But even Tjersland shuts up for the saddest cases, letting the footage run without comment.
Also added to the silent footage are imaginative sound effects and corny music.
It's impossible to know whether the facts oresented in each case are accurate, or just made up.

Todd Tjersland
Todd Tjersland
Todd Tjersland
Dr. Vincent van Gore, Todd Tjersland
FSK 18, ca.90 min. (ungekürzte Fassung)
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Deutsch & Englisch
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