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Evil Dead - The Musical (uncut)

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Evil Dead - The Musical (uncut)
EVIL DEAD - The Musical
USA 2003, Musical

Many musicals nowadays are based on movies.
But Evil Dead The Musical is the only musical in history to be based on a series of movies.
Dating back to 1981, the Evil Dead films combined to make one of the most beloved cult franchises in the history of cinema.
Directed by Sam Raimi, and starring cult icon Bruce Campbell, these movies used comedy, gore, slapstick, blood, one-liners, and some of the most creative camera techniques ever seen to revolutionize the horror genre.

Some might have looked at these films, and never thought they could be combined into a musical... but that didn’t stop a group of ambitious young people in Toronto from giving it a try.
And in August, 2003, in the back room of a small bar called the Tranzac Club, Evil Dead The Musical made its debut.
And like the movies it was based on, Evil Dead The Musical quickly became a cult sensation.
Within days of opening, people were lined up around the block to see this new show (not only because they heard how fantastic it was, but also because the production was too cheap to have a formal ticketing system).

Jeffrey Latimer, William Franzblau, Just For Laughs
George Reinblatt
Frank Cipolla
Tyler Rive, Christian Goutsis, Lynley Hall, Rebecca Northan, Bruce Horak, Guilly Urra, Daniel Mallett, Jamie Tognazzini
4:3 NTSC
FSK 18, ca.95 min. (ungekürzte Fassung)
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