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Who's the Top ? (uncut)

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Who's the Top ? (uncut)
Who's the Top?
USA 2005, Kurzfilm

Is Alixe and Gwen's sexual disagreement the cause of their problems, or are their problems the cause of their sexual disagreement?
And how should an artist nurture her vision: by seeking adventures on the edge or by staying home and writing poems?
What's more real, our fantasies, or what we actually do?
In Who's the Top?
There are no right answers, just musical numbers.

Ruth Charny, Jennie Livingston, Laura Teodosio
Jennie Livingston
Jennie Livingston
Marin Hinkle, Brigitte Bako, Steve Buscemi, Reno, Shelly Mars
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DVD-Film Who's the Top ? (uncut)
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