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Aftermath (uncut)

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Art.Nr.: 4134
Aftermath (uncut)
USA 2007, Thriller

The owner of a successful New York state construction company, Tom Fiorini, also known as Boss, runs into trouble when an altercation between his longtime foreman Matt Miller and his new but well liked employee Tony Bricker becomes violent.
After Boss fires Tony and Matt disappears, Boss suspects ex-convict Tony of foul play, and the violence and retribution between the two men escalate... as does the body count.

Sylvia Caminer, Thomas Chestaro, Thomas Farone, Anthony Michael Hall
Thomas Farone
Thomas Farone
Anthony Michael Hall, Chris Penn , Jamie Harrold, Tony Danza, Frank Whaley, Federico Castelluccio, Elisabeth Röhm, Leo Burmester, Lily Rabe, Steve Cirbus, Kent Masters King, Clark Middleton
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DVD-Film Aftermath (uncut)
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