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Agatha Christie - Mord mit doppeltem Boden (uncut)

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Agatha Christie - Mord mit doppeltem Boden (uncut)
Agatha Christie - Mord mit doppeltem Boden
USA 1985, OT: "Murder with mirrors", Krimi

Christian Gilbranson, Miss Marple's lawyer, persuades her to visit the baronial estate of his step-mother, Carrie Louise Serrocold, an old friend of Marple's.
Carrie Louise's devoted husband Lewis has turned the manor house into a halfway house for young men with criminal records and has hopes of expanding the facilities.
One of the young charges, Edgar Lawson, claims to be Lewis' illegitimate child and wants his alleged father to acknowledge him.
While they are arguing behind closed doors a gun is discharged, and the visiting Gilbranson is found murdered in another room.
It is up to Miss Marple to aid crusty Inspector Curry discover the murderer's and poisoner's identities.

Neil Hartley
Agatha Christie, George Eckstein
Dick Lowry
Helen Hayes, Bette Davis, John Mills, Leo McKern, Liane Langland, John Laughlin, Dorothy Tutin, Anton Rodgers, Frances de la Tour, John Woodvine, James Coombes, Tim Roth
Link IMDB: Murder with mirrors

DVD-Film Agatha Christie - Mord mit doppeltem Boden (uncut)
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