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Bob's Birthday

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Art.Nr.: 4464
Bob's Birthday
Bob's Birthday
Kanada 1993, Animationskomödie

Margaret Fish is planning a surprise party for her dentist husband, Bob.
Meanwhile, at the office, Bob his having a mid-life crisis while insects munch on what's left of his plants.
When Bob returns home, Margaret has a terrible time getting him into the room where everyone's hidden until he's halfway through changing clothes and talking about how horrid all their nebbishy friends are (the same friends hidden all over the room).

1 Oscar 1995
Bester kurzer Animationsfilm - Alison Snowden & David Fine

David Fine, Alison Snowden, David Verrall
Alison Snowden, David Fine
David Fine, Alison Snowden
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DVD-Film Bob's Birthday
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